List of kanji by concept | Weather and natural phenomena

This Kanji method groups describe Weather concept.
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2136 Kanji characters and meaning list | Regular use kanji in Japan

This page introduces kanji commonly used in Japan. You can use these kanji for studying.Kanji characters list | Regular ...
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25 Cool 4 characters idiomatic KANJI words and meaning list.

This page introduce the four-character idiomatic phrase "Cool meaning" that has long been passed to Japan.
Japanese books

“The Art of War” Sun Zi | Full text English edition

This page introduces the full text of The Art of War in English. This is often used for business, so it is recommended for businessmen.
Japanese books

“Gorin no Sho” Miyamoto Musashi | Full text English edition

You can use Gorin no sho, written by Japanese KENGO Musashi Miyamoto, for your business, life etc.
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25 beautiful four(4)-characters idiomatic KANJI words and meaning list.

We will introduce 25 kinds of Japanese beautiful expressions with Kanji (four-character idioms). For the sake of clarity, I have added reading in English and meaning in English. These can be used for various kanji designs, tattoos, learning and so on.
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Dragon / 龍 | Free Design kanji character jpg / eps

This page introduce DRAGON in Japanese kanji design. All free, so please use it freely. Various designs and tattoos, such as T-shirts, can be used for various things.
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Western dragon / 竜 | Free Design kanji character jpg / eps

A dragon is a large, serpent-like legendary creature that appears in the folklore of many cultures around the world.

Dream / 夢 | Free Design kanji character jpg / eps

夢 is the kanji for dream.
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True, Fake / 本物, 偽物 | Free Design kanji character jpg / eps

Images / eps of true / fake. Free for commercial use. No attribution required. High quality images.