25 beautiful four(4)-characters idiomatic KANJI words and meaning list.

25 beautiful four(4)-character idiomatic KANJI words 4 words
25 beautiful four(4)-character idiomatic KANJI words


This page introduce the four-character idiomatic phrase “representing beauty” that has long been passed to Japan.

four-character kanji = Yojijukugo (Japanese: 四字熟語)

Yojijukugo is a Japanese lexeme consisting of four kanji . English translations of yojijukugo include “four-character compound”, “four-character idiom”, “four-character idiomatic phrase”, and “four-character idiomatic compound”.

Each kanji has meaning one by one, but by enriching the four-character idiom, further enrich the expression.

Enjoy the beautiful expression of Japan.


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Beautiful 4 character idiomatic KANJI words and meaning list.



1. 花紅柳緑  かこうりゅうりょく

ka kou ryū ryoku
The description of the beautiful scenery of spring. Also, the colorful gorgeous clothing attire. Also, it is the natural beauty that is not manpered.



2. 花鳥風月  かちょうふうげつ

ka cyō fu getsu

Beautiful scenery of nature. It also refers to the wind stream that enthralls poetry and paintings with natural objects as their theme.



3. 迦陵頻伽 かりょうびんが

ka ryou bin ga

A parable of a beautiful voice. Also, the parable of a very beautiful voice. Or it is the name of an imaginary bird in the mountain of Himalaya, it is also good to sing in a beautiful voice when you are still in the shell, also called paradise birds that you can sing paradise and sing with unparalleled beautiful sounds.



4. 鏡花水月  きょうかすいげつ

kyō ka sui getsu

A parable of a fantastic vision. Although it seems to the eyes, it is a parable though it can not be taken. Also, the parable of a deep feeling that can not be explained even though it can be felt.



5. 山紫水明 さんしすいめい

san shi sui mei

Natural landscape is beautiful. Beautiful views of mountains and rivers.



6. 芝蘭玉樹 しらんぎょくじゅ

shin ran gyoku jyu

Good talented people and children.



7. 晴雲秋月 せいうんしゅうげつ

sei un syu getsu

Even though the heart is clean, it has a clear feeling. “Cloud” is a cloud floating in a clear sky, “Akizuki” means the moon in the clear sky in autumn.



8. 清風明月 せいふうめいげつ

sei fu mei getsu

It is quiet and refreshing in the moon and in a clean wind.



9. 雪月風花 せつげつふうか

setsu getsu fu ka

The winter snow, the autumn moon, the summer wind, spring flowers meaning the beautiful scenery of the seasons from nature. Also, it is an airflow appearance that appreciates it and makes poetry and songs.



10. 千紫万紅 せんしばんこう

sen shi ban kou

A scene with colorful flowers blooming. A variety of colors.



11. 百花繚乱 ひゃかりょうらん

hya kka ryo ran

Various kinds of flowers bloom in colorfully. A situation where many excellent people gather together.



12. 明鏡止水 めいきょうしすい

mei kyo shi sui

Like a mirror with no cloudiness and a clear water surface, there is no disturbance, it is a calm feeling restfully.
“Mirror mirror” refers to a mirror without a single point of cloudiness. “Stop water” is that the water has stopped and quietly praised.



13. 落花流水 らっかりゅうすい

ra kka ryu sui

In the sense that the fallen flowers flow according to the water, the scenery of the spring scenery and decay of things going on. The time passes away vainly. The feelings of men and women can communicate with each other and stay in love.



14. 暮色蒼然 ぼしょくそうぜん

bo syoku sou zen

It seems that around twilight, the area gradually dims.
“Dusk” refers to a dusky landscape at dusk. “Aoi” is the dimness of sunset.



15. 高山流水 こうざんりゅうすい

kou zan ryu sui

High mountain and running water. Excellent music, a paradise of exquisite performance. Clear nature with no injuries.



16. 脣星落落 しんせいらくらく

shin sei raku raku

Sorrow that important things go away one by one as dawn stars go out one by one.



17. 一片氷心 いっぺんのひょうしん

i ppen hyou shin

Beautiful, clean and clear beautiful heart.
“One piece” is a piece. “Ice heart” is a transparent heart like ice.



18. 桜梅桃李 おうばいとうり

ou bai tou ri

Cherry blossoms, plums, peaches, Lee (Sumomo), each having its own ability to bloom.



19. 雲外蒼天 うんがいそうてん

un gai sou ten

If you try hard and overcome it means that you can expect a pleasant blue sky.



20. 花天月地 かてんげっち

ka ten ge cchi

A landscape where the moon brightly shines on the earth with lots of flowers blooming.



21. 雪魄氷姿 せっぱくひょうし

se ppaku hyou shi

About plum blossoms. As the plum blossoms put white flowers at the end of the snowy winter, the parable of a man with a clear and clear heart. The beautiful scenery of nature every season.


22. 羞花閉月 しゅうかへいげつ

syu ka hei getsu

A paradise of a beautiful woman with a good appearance enough to hide the moon, ashamed of flowers.



23. 嵐影湖光 らんえいここう

ran ei ko kou

The mood of the mountain and the glow of the lake surface, the description of the beautiful scenery of the mountain water.



24. 柳緑花紅 りゅうりょくかこう

ryu ryoku ka kou

A beautiful view of the spring, in the paradigm that things are still natural, no human hands are added.


25. 柳暗花明 りゅうあんかめい

ryu an ka mei

willow is lean and thick and dark, flowers are bright in bloom. It means beautiful scenery of spring.




These can be used for various kanji designs, tattoos, learning and so on.

Enjoy KANJI!



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