25 Cool 4 characters idiomatic KANJI words and meaning list.

25 Cool 4 character idiomatic KANJI words and meaning list. 4 words
25 Cool 4 character idiomatic KANJI words and meaning list.


This page introduce the four-character idiomatic phrase “Cool meaning” that has long been passed to Japan.

four-character kanji = Yojijukugo (Japanese: 四字熟語)

Yojijukugo is a Japanese lexeme consisting of four kanji . English translations of yojijukugo include “four-character compound”, “four-character idiom”, “four-character idiomatic phrase”, and “four-character idiomatic compound”.

Each kanji has meaning one by one, but by enriching the four-character idiom, further enrich the expression.

Enjoy the beautiful expression of Japan.


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Cool 4 character idiomatic KANJI words and meaning list.



1. 不倶戴天 ふぐたいてん

fu gu tai ten

Irreconcilable enemy.


2. 麟鳳亀竜 りんぽうきりゅう

rin pou ki ryu

A very thing, a parable of saints and wise men.


3. 疾風怒濤 しっぷうどとう

shi ppū do tou

storm and stress; Sturm und Drang


4. 百尺竿頭 ひゃくしゃくかんとう

hyaku syaku kan tou

the highest state of one’s enlightenment; the highest level one can attain.


5. 不撓不屈 ふとうふくつ

fu tou fu kutsu



6. 嘯風弄月 しょうふうろうげつ

syou fū rou getsu

To enjoy poetry / wind streams in nature.


7. 紫電一閃 しでんいっせん

shi den i ssen

flash of lightning; flash of a sword; brandishing a sword.


8. 電光石火 でんこうせっか

den kou se kka

alertness、sharp-sightedness、on the qui vive.


9. 天衣無縫 てんいむほう

ten i mu hou



10. 鎧袖一触 がいしゅういっしょく

gai syū i ssyoku

hands down、handily.


11. 廓然大公 かくぜんたいこう

kaku zen tai kou

Mind is wide and pure.


12. 乾坤一擲 けんこんいってき

ken kon i tteki

stake all (on something); play for all or nothing; throwing all into a task.


13. 跳梁跋扈 ちょうりょうばっこ

cyou ryou ba kko

being rampant; domination.


14. 疾風迅雷 しっぷうじんらい

shi ppū jin rai

with lightning speed.


15. 明鏡止水 めいきょうしすい

mei kyū shi sui

clear and serene (as a polished mirror and still water).


16. 六道輪廻 ろくどうりんね

roku dou rin ne

endless circle of transmigration in the six posthumous worlds.


17. 獅子奮迅 ししふんじん

shi shin fun jin

being irresistible; being furiously vigorous; being intensely forceful.


18. 行雲流水 こううんりゅうすい

kou un ryū sui

(metaphorically) floating with the tide.


19. 魑魅魍魎 ちみもうりょう

chi mi mou ryou

evil spirits.


20. 国士無双 こくしむそう

koku shi mu sou

It is a person who is as great as a person who lives in the world does not exist.


21. 風林火山 ふうりんかざん

fū rin ka zan

as fast as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as daring as fire, and immovable as the mountain.


22. 諸行無常 しょぎょうむじょう

syo gyou mu jyou

the impermanence of worldly things; All worldly things are transitory


23. 天地神明 てんちしんめい

ten chi shin mei

the gods of heaven and earth.


24. 森羅万象 しんらばんしょう

shin ra ban shō

all things in nature


25. 一騎当千 いっきとうせん

i kki tou sen

a mighty warrior.match for a thousand.





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