How to make an Origami Envelope / Bag / Case with A4 paper

Envelope | Easy origami instructions and diagram
Envelope | Easy origami instructions and diagram


Make a really cool envelope, bag, or card case from some nice paper like drawing paper, gift paper or special origami paper. This tutorial shows you an easy way to fold a rectangular sheet of paper, such as an A4 sheet, to make an envelope. Of course you can also make an origami envelope with a square piece of paper too.

You can make your creative mark by using some nice paper, putting on stickers, printing designs, etc., on an A4 sheet of paper. It’s handy to write on the inside when you want to leave a short message too.

These origami are popular with kids too, so why not use some cute paper and enjoy drawing pictures and making origami together?


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Envelope / Bag / Case origami instructions and diagram.



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