How to make Envelope with A4-Paper&Glue | Free download & print

Envelope / Bag / Case

We introduce templates that make A4 paper envelopes.

Homemade envelopes can add a personal touch to any card or letter. You can easily make an envelope at home using a few basic supplies.

After folding, paste and complete it.


** How to create a folding envelope **

  1. Print on A4 size paper with equal size printing.
  2. Folding “Fold lines 1 ⇒ 2 ⇒ 3”.
  3. Paste glue in order of 4 ⇒ 5, and stick firmly.
  4. Put a letter or card in the envelope.
  5. Fold “Fold line 6”.
  6. Glue 7 and paste it.
  7. Completion of the envelope.


About the printing of this envelope

This Free template material can be printed in A4 size.



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『How to make Envelope with A4-Paper&Glue』Free Template

How to make Envelope with A4-Paper&Glue

How to make Envelope with A4-Paper&Glue

 Type PDF
 Size A4 Paper

This envelope size is 105 cm × 220 cm.

You can put A4 paper folded in triple or quarter into the envelope.





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